December 2022

December 2022

This month was yet again one of the best revenue-wise. Though, it also had its downsides, like the first churn of the year. To be honest, this was expected. So far, no one had churned as I started selling licenses in late 2021, and not many customers have run out of their yearly subscription period.

My current solo venture is EmailEngine, an email-syncing app. I have no investors and no one to report to, but I find it a good exercise to generate a recurring overview of the business, so I'm publishing these reports here.


  • EmailEngine finally graduated from the "free online logo generator gang," as it got a new logo.
  • Improvements with ElasticSearch syncing, including custom filtering and data-mapping feature
  • Minor achievement: 20 different DigitalOcean customers were running EmailEngine from the DigitalOcean 1-click app marketplace.
  • First customer from Estonia. The number of countries with EmailEngine customers grew to 22.
  • The streak of 10% MoM MRR growth continued for the 10th month.


November 2022 December 2022 MoM
Website visits 6,700 6,300 -6%
New paying customers 6 6 0%
Total paying customers 63 68 +8%
Churned customers 0 1 +100%
Net cash flow $4,281 $5,704 +33%
MRR $2,268 $2,605 +15%

The year 2022

As it's the last month of the year, here are some yearly stats as well.

  1. MRR grew 1,186%, from $215 to $2,605
  2. Customer count grew 655%, from 9 to 68
  3. Net cash flow grew 994%, from $2,880 in 2021 to $31,532 in 2022
  4. One customer churned in 2022, zero in 2021

It is clear that the growth percentages will be way smaller in 2023, mainly because I did not sell anything during most of 2021. So these numbers are nice to look at but not very meaningful.

For general details about the business, see the pitch deck. For the November report, click here.

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