February 2023

February 2023

February, even if short, turned out to be a good month. I had extremely low expectations based on February 2022 and was happy to see those worries not realized.

My current solo venture is EmailEngine, an email-syncing app. I have no investors and no one to report to, but I find it a good exercise to generate a recurring overview of the business, so I'm publishing these reports here.


  • 3 000€ MRR reached
  • Implemented sub-connection support for faster notifications
  • Bunch of bug fixes to improve the stability of EmailEngine


January 2023 February 2023 MoM
Website visits 7 300 7 100 -3 %
New paying customers 4 6 +50 %
Total paying customers 72 78 +8 %
Churned customers 0 0 0 %
Net cash flow 4 058 € 4 718 € +16 %
MRR 2 743 € 3 090 € +13 %

I started displaying the MRR growth chart from "the beginning" to show that there was a 1.5 years period with no revenue/growth at all at the start.

For general details about the business, see the pitch deck. For the January report, click here.

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