June 2022

This month has been a head-scratcher. Web visits were up, trial activations were up, and conversions were down. My only assumption is that potential users are testing the product but are in no hurry to convert as it's summer. I hope the trials activated in June will convert sometime in July or August.

My current solo venture is EmailEngine, an email syncing app. I have no investors and no one to report to, but I find it a good exercise to generate a recurring overview of the business, so I'm publishing these reports here.


  • I released sending templates and mail merge functions. These were in the backlog but got bumped due to several users' interest in it.
  • Several Yahoo-related fixes. Yahoo (and related properties) upgraded their IMAP servers, which caused a lot of issues for Yahoo users worldwide.
  • EmailEngine got featured by MicroFounder.


 May 2022June 2022MoM
Website visits4,4005,600+27%
New paying customers74-43%
Total paying customers3135+13%
Churned customers00-
MRR *$846$994+17%
Net cash flow$3,687$1,836-50%

Plans for July

  • A lot of improvements are related to the sending side. For example will release an SMTP gateway option where a general SMTP server (eg. Mailgun or SendGrid) can be used for the outbound delivery.
  • Web visits have been growing nicely, will try to figure out ways to increase these even more, or at least keep them at the current level.

For general details about the business, see the pitch deck. For the May report, click here.

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* MRR and cash flow numbers do not match as I sell yearly subscriptions, so customers always pay upfront. Historic data might get slightly modified, so the numbers from previous months might not 100% match with the ones shown here.

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