October 2022

October 2022

The slow but steady growth continued in October as well.

My current solo venture is EmailEngine, an email syncing app. I have no investors and no one to report to, but I find it a good exercise to generate a recurring overview of the business, so I'm publishing these reports here.


  • I like round numbers, and in October, a round milestone was reached – $20,000 ARR.
  • Adjusted the price instead of moving from EUR to USD. The new price is 695€ per year (was 495€). Existing users were grandfathered into their active subscriptions indefinitely.
  • Released long-awaited custom webhook routing feature. With this, EmailEngine moved to the no-code / low-code territory as the routing function allows fine-grain control over which conditions trigger which kind of webhooks. This change made it easy to integrate EmailEngine with any webhook-accepting system or service.
  • The streak of more than 10% MoM MRR growth continued for the 8th month.


September 2022 October 2022 MoM
Website visits 5,800 6,300 +9%
New paying customers 5 6 +20%
Total paying customers 51 57 +12%
Churned customers 0 0 0%
Net cash flow $2,436 $3,318 +36%
MRR $1,658 $1,934 +17%

Plans for November

  • I'm planning to ditch this section from the next monthly report as I never act on the plans I list here.

For general details about the business, see the pitch deck. For the September report, click here.

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