September 2022

September 2022

From the best month in August to an average-ish month in September. Still, I managed to hit several morale-boosting thresholds, like 50 active paying customers.

My current solo venture is EmailEngine, an email syncing app. I have no investors and no one to report to, but I find it a good exercise to generate a recurring overview of the business, so I'm publishing these reports here.


  • EmailEngine got featured by FounderBeats.
  • 50 active paying users. Got here at least a month ahead of schedule.
  • $1,500 MRR reached.
  • EmailEngine got pirated in at least two distinct cases. People actually spent time digging into the app code and removing the built-in copy protection to use it. I guess this is a validation of a kind as well 🫣


August 2022 September 2022 MoM
Website visits 5,800 5,800 0%
New paying customers 8 5 -37%
Total paying customers 46 51 11%
Churned customers 0 0 0%
Net cash flow $4,027 $2,436 -40%
MRR $1,456 $1,658 14%

Plans for October

I will continue with minor bug fixes and stability fixes. A major consideration is the OAuth2 compatibility with Microsoft services like Hotmail and Outlook. Microsoft will remove support for Outlook APIs in favor of MS Graph APIs, but so far, IMAP and SMTP access is only available when using the Outlook API scoped tokens.

For general details about the business, see the pitch deck. For the August report, click here.

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